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and now the United States

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loyal to the "Iraq and the Levant Troy Islamic country", and claiming to defend the Palestinian people and to attack the Jewish community.It is worth mentioning that Coulibaly's girlfriend, and now the United States at large cloth Dean, a few years ago, she was able to wear a bikini photographed hot girl, but now it is dressed in a long black robe airtight, in the woods In practice shooting Islamic holy warriors, great contrast, which shows nike air max tn trainersstrong luster of ISIS.The ISIS attitude to the terrorist attacks in Paris, nor the people expected - the "Islamic State" to pay tribute to two brothers gunmen through its Al-Bayan radio, calling them "heroes."More frightening is that Coulibaly and  brother seems to have recognized and closely linked, the gunmen belonged to two different extremist groups, even before the action has been coordinated move."ISIS" and "base" organization, the two are competing for the crown of the so-called terrorism organization, members of the men's escape "work together" funny, but scary.There is no doubt that the "base" organization and the "Islamic State" organization are likely to benefit from the bloodshed. Militants "Islamic State" organization, the face of American leadership for the organization in Syria and Iraq stronghold of air strikes, which is a popular global

jihad a "success." On the "base" organizations, the attack may indicate that the organization is still in play, can once again the core countries of Western civilization in the September 11 attacks on the attack 10 years later.Why is Paris After clarifying the relationship between several suspects, we must ask the object of attacks, why is France, why is Paris, but why then is "Charly, Cher Week" This is also, and "Charly, Cher Weekly" content Speaking to caricature famous "Charly, Cher Weekly" published more than once ridiculed, irony, sarcasm Islam or the Prophet Muhammad cartoons, has repeatedly caused French Muslims dissatisfied with the country previously, the magazine had been subjected to attacks Molotov cocktails.Perhaps freedom of speech, freedom of the press is too powerful force, although suffered multiple attacks, "Charly, Cher Weekly" has not always change their comic style eventually led to such a tragedy - Witnesses said the gunman was asked the hostages identity, a rarity in comics author who star nike air max 2015 salet.The implementation of the terrorist attacks on the French, also shows a sinister extremist organizations. Due to historical reasons and political demands, France and the WANA countries have close ties, France has become the largest on the European continent Muslim-American

help criminals.According to police, a few days ago that they already know a fake website it. ? Ravindra Yadav (Ravindra Yadav) is a joint police commissioner of Delhi police crime department. He said: "We know there is a headline Pradhan Mantri Adarsh ??Yojana fake website, it gives different projects and plans to provide loans to our web browsing is found the fake website, but our investigation. discovery server located in the US. "The site also can enter 18 evening, the site home page prominently hung with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi ? photos. Police later found responsible for cybercrime The site is uploaded from Howrah.Yadav said: "A team of police officers went to Howrah, launched a full investigation to determine the location of Chatterjee and other criminals in the interrogation process, Chatterjee admitted that after the completion of secondary education, he studied Business Studies but him. dropped out of school and began a real estate business and continu air jordan 6 uked into 2009. During his business, which uses e-commerce and telesales. He also began selling on the Internet adventure medicine and other goods, but without success. So he decided to A fake website, by promising to government loans of different projects to deceive people. He looks like a good use of the web site is the government's website. Anyone who search on Google India's government-backed project, the site in search results forefront of any visit to this site people

Resurrection thus may bring

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residents countries choose to attack here, the purpose is very clear, the intensification of ethnic conflicts and religious conflicts, and thus lead More large-scale riots, profit. Resurrection thus may bring extreme right-wing forces in Europe, will also become a headache for the Heads of State issue.The French government is afraid to be a series of shootings of this, a lot of responsibility to bear - before the attacks, Kua Xi brothers have alr  nike air max 2014 ukeady been included in the American and French intelligence agencies involved in terrorism "blacklist" for many years, but so has the terrorist attacks Both tendencies, and never caused French security departments.French weakness in the fight against terrorism has also highlighted the United States and Europe in the fight against terrorism feeble - in the past year's time, once known as the "safe haven" in Australia and Canada, have suffered an unprecedented terrorist attacks, and now France already occupied.American war on terror for 10 years, to leave Iraq and Afghanistan numerous scars, no doubt many Muslims are stimulated to psychology, became extremists and terrorist attacks incentives excuse.Even more worrying is that after this incident, the decline was the "base" great comeback trend. The momentum Masamori on ISIS is not the slightest neglect,

according to the US "Washington Post" reported that there are over 3000 Europeans after received ISIS training, to return to their country, which accounts for at least 1,000 people in France, they go back to their After keeping a low profile in the country, is not noticeable.But after the attacks occurred in Paris, for Europe, who is like a potential "time bomb" could explode at any time.According to the German "Illustrated" January 11 reported that, according to US intelligence intercepted communications content to extremist organization "Islamic State" leaders of frequent bloodshed in France last week, probably in Europe would have been the prelude to a series of attacks.Under the common threat of terrorism, combined with the trend in the world of counter-terrorism - January 11th in Paris, hundreds of people took to the streets, held a mourning procession for the victims of the attacks. French President  nike air max 95 trainersFran?ois Hollande multinational dignitaries, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, British Prime Minister David Cameron, European Council Xitusike Lord, Juncker, European Commission President and the Middle East, Africa, also took part in the parade

island.Li Haiping said that since the woman was arrested in 2011 in Vietnam, Vietnam senior officials, the relevant departments in Indonesia and Vietnam have repeatedly communicate with the Indonesian embassy, ??ask authorities to legally ensure the legitimate rights of their own people, to consider clemency based on humanity , but has taken the necessary measures to protect her.According to reports,  said Vietnam resolutely rigorous treatment of drug trafficking, transportation and other acts, Vietnam has been actively cooperating with other countries to prevent and fight against drug-related crimes.Indonesia was the 18th execution of convicted five foreigners behavior aroused concern the countries concerned. Brazil and the Netherlands executed by a citizen convicted of Indonesia ignoring their request for clemency expressed anger recall their ambassador to Indonesia. According to India's "Telegraph" reported on January 18, a resident of the city of Howrah, West Bengal, India due to the central government website forgery scam, was recently arrested by the Delhi police.Sudi Pa ? Chatterjee (Sudipta Chatterjee) is a 4  nike air max 90 hyperfuse cheap3-year-old college dropout who, two days before he was surrounded in Krishna Lane Howrah home and taken to Delhi. Police searched his basement and found a cell phone, computer hard drives, network connections protectors and forged government rubber stamp.A  police officer said: "He withdrew funds several personal accounts of those who were originally wanted to seek loans through government programs.."Police also said they are searching for other relevant personnel, including a web designer to

to solve several problems.

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 - this is the first gathering of foreign dignitaries opportunity to stand attitude to discuss ways to deal with terrorism. Prior to this, Australia, Spain, Austria, etc. have a targeted manner to strengthen the anti-terrorism security measures.But when extremist organizations pervasive shouting "defend the Prophet Mohammed" continuous terrorist attacks, countries what should we do  Probably not a few meetings, processions will be able to solve several problems. According to Taiwan's United News United States World News Network January 19 reported that a 25-year-old Chinese-American man was monitored to have raped child behavior, has been charged. If eventually convicted, could be sentenced to 6-30 years in prison.According to reports, 25 year-old Chinese male teacher Feng Jian (Jian Feng), twice was serving preschool surveillance cameras photographed sexually abusing child behavior, on the 17th,  nike air max 90 cheaphe was charged with four Cook County prosecutors are "X-level felony "(ClassXfelonies)" predatory sexual harassment "(predatory criminal sexual assault), in accordance with Illinois law, X-class felony if convicted, will be sentenced to 6-30 years in prison, without parole.According to reports, two years old when his family emigrated to the United States from China's Feng Jian, lives near the south

Chicago Chinatown  pharmacy, some familiar friends Feng Jian, for he actually felt quite sorry for committing such felony.According to Cook County prosecutors information, Feng Jian Hunan in Chicago loop area (south loop) of the Easter Seals National Teachers Academy as a preschool teacher, he holdnike air max 1 womenss a BA in Child Development University.Cook County prosecutors Hahn (Mary Hain) 17 held in the Cook County courts over time, said Tang, Feng Jian in November last year, he was the school's cameras photographed sexual assault behavior. In January this year a similar behavior again.According to local media reports, Feng Jian was arrested on the 16th, the school spokesman Kelly ? Oude (Kelly Anne Ohde) said that when the original hiring Feng Jian, are subject to stringent background checks, and did not find anything unusual. According to the British "Guardian" reported on January 19, the international charity Oxfam (Oxfam) recently released a report, there are trends indicate that as of next year, the sum of 1% of the wealth owned by the world's population will soon exceed the remaining 99% of the population wealth combined.Reported that a "new

Korea have also not been supported."The key decision" and "vulture" joint military exercises held annually in the spring in general. South Korean media quoted sources as saying US and South Korea agreed to this year's "key decisions" exercise was delayed for about a week, possibly taking into account the recent inter-Korean relations factor.In another development, North Korean Foreign Minister Kim, head of the six-party talks, the DPRK delegatio and former US State Department Special Representative for North Korea Policy informal dialogue held in Singapore on the 18th Bosworth, the dialogue will continue until the 19th, according to Taiwan, "Central News Agency "January 19 reported executions in Indonesia at 18 am six drug traffickers, including a Vietnamese woman. Vietnamese Foreign Ministry spokesman Li Haiping expressed on the 18th, the Vietnamese side the relevant units had been repeatedly asked the Indonesian authorities to ensure that the legitimate rights of the Vietnamese people according to the law, and t  nike shox r4 saleo consider clemency based on humanity.According to Vietnam "wisdom newspaper" news website reported on the 19th, 18 am Indonesian executed six convicted drug traffickers, including five foreigners. Five were from Brazil, the Netherlands, Vietnam, Malawi and Nigeria.37-year-old Vietnamese woman surnamed Chen for smuggling 1.1 kilograms of drugs, in June 2011, was arrested Indonesian police, were executed in the 18th district in central Java

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